Elevation Certificate Training

FEMA and ISO have prepared an eight part video series on Elevation Certificates. These videos cover how to fill out an elevation certificate, understanding the sections, common mistakes, and how to make corrections when necessary.

The videos are short in length, running from 6-15 minutes, so that they can be viewed easily. The videos can be watched together as a series or individually. All 8 videos can be viewed below.

Elevation Certificate Resources and Downloads:

Having worked with elevation certificates for over 32 years, I found this entire package to be very helpful. It reaffirmed things I have known and been doing, and reminded me of things to check for. In my professional opinion, these videos are great for anyone working with elevation certificates.

-Ken Somerset, City of Poquoson’s Building Official & Floodplain Manager

Video 1: Section A of the Elevation Certificate

Video 2: Section B of the Elevation Certificate

Video 3: Sections C & D of the Elevation Certificate

Video 4: Sections E & F of the Elevation Certificate

Video 5: Section G of the Elevation Certificate

Video 6: General Issues, Part 1

Video 7: General Issues, Part 2

Video 8, How to Correct an Elevation Certificate