2021 Floodplain Management Awards

Floodplain Management Awards

As part of the 2021 VFMA Annual Conference, the Awards Committee awarded five Floodplain Management Awards to recognize outstanding contributions to floodplain management in Virginia by individuals and organizations! This was the first year VFMA offered awards, but it will not be the last.

Floodplain Manager of the Year Award (Individuals only)

This award seeks to recognize outstanding individual efforts and contributions to improving floodplain management in Virginia on the local level and may be presented to a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM), local floodplain administrator, CRS coordinator, or other individual. The VFMA Floodplain Manager of the Year is designed to honor an individual responsible for the development, or the assistance in the development, of a distinguished local program or activity or has shown support at the local level to implement flood hazard reduction in the absence of sophisticated programs and/or local funding.

Winner: Kristin Owen

Flood Mitigation Project of the Year (Individuals and Organizations)

This award may be presented to an individual, private organization, non-profit organization, governmental unit, or agency that has completed work involving a particular project, research, design, or publication that exhibits the incorporation of acceptable procedures, practices, and constraints of flood mitigation or promotes the field of knowledge of flood mitigation by enhancing the awareness and use of new procedures, methods, designs, and/or products. This work must have been completed prior to the annual conference.

Winner: Town of Drakes Branch (Downtown Flood Study Project)

CRS Community of the Year (Organizations only)

This award recognizes a community participating in the Community Rating System (CRS) program and their exemplary practices and activities. It seeks to acknowledge distinguished work by a community in going above and beyond its mission in a way that can be shared by other Virginia communities while recognizing the abilities to promote sound floodplain management and attributes of the CRS program through teamwork. This award may be presented to a community for their overall CRS program or work on a specific activity, tool, or resource that contributes to their CRS program. Communities that are actively joining the CRS program may also be considered for this award.  

Winner: Gloucester County

Distinguished Service Award (Individuals only)

This award is given by VFMA to an individual who has had a statewide impact in floodplain management. This individual carries forward the goals and objectives of reducing flood risk and the values and principles set forth by VFMA. It is an indication of the level of esteem the Virginia floodplain management community hold for the recipient and is the highest award presented by VFMA. This award may not be presented every year.

Winner: Mary-Carson Stiff

Longevity Appreciation Award (Individual or Corporate Members only)

This award may be presented to a VFMA member who has 5+ active years of membership in the organization. This award is in appreciation of the time, effort, energy, and dedication that member has shown to VFMA and improving floodplain management in Virginia. This award may not be presented every year.

Winner: John Paine, PE, CFM